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When to Consider a Breast Lift Instead of a Breast Augmentation

When it comes to the female body, your breasts are one of your most important features. Through the years, your body will go through changes and you may see this happen with your breasts as well. Aging, changes in weight, pregnancy, and gravity can contribute to breast sagging.

When your breasts start to droop, it can physically burden you or make you feel insecure. Whether you’ve always had a problem with drooping breasts or it’s happened over time, a breast lift could be the solution you need.

When to Choose a Breast Lift Instead of Breast Augmentation

You hear about women opting for breast implants all the time. If sagging is the problem and you are content with the size of your breasts, you don’t need breast augmentation. Adding implants to your breasts is not going to resolve your problem. It will only give you additional weight that will be pulling you down.

Breast lift surgery offers you another alternative as your breasts are lifted into a more youthful position.

What to Expect During Breast Lift Surgery

Your surgeon will assess your breasts and listen to your concerns before moving forward with surgery. Anesthesia will be used to ensure that you do not experience pain during your procedure, whether an intravenous sedative or general anesthesia is used. Small incisions will be made in your breasts.

Incisions are typically made around the areolas, which can be reduced in size if necessary. The nipples and areolas will be raised as well. Any excess skin will be removed to tighten your breasts and lift them higher on your chest. Your incisions will be closed and you will be sent to recovery.

You will be sent on your way when you are cleared to go. Your incisions will be bandaged and you will be given a support bra to aid in the healing process. Expect to limit your activities until you have properly healed.

Find Out if a Breast Lift is for You

When you are looking for answers about your sagging breasts, surgical solutions are available. Contact The John Bull Center today and set up a consultation. We will discuss your options, including a breast lift. A treatment plan will then be tailored to meet your needs. A successful procedure, whether breast lift or breast augmentation, will depend on an experienced surgeon. Contact us today to get started.

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