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When to Consider Medical Skin Care Products

Dealing with a skin issue can range from feelings of embarrassment all the way to feelings of depression. When you have acne, you usually do not feel proud of this skin issue. Instead, you want to hide away from the world. Or when you are seeing fine lines and wrinkles appear on your face because you are getting older, this can make you feel depressed. The great news is that there is a wide variety of skin treatments available to help individuals who would like to improve the condition of their skin. Medical skin care products are among the best products available to help you keep your skin bright, vibrant and young.

ZO medical skin care products are specially designed to provide noticeable care that you won’t find over the counter. This means that you can deal with things like acne or fine lines and wrinkles without needing to have an invasive procedure done. You do not need to take any time off work in order to recover. You simply need to come in for your initial appointment, discuss your skin issues with us, and enjoy as the amazing ZO product line works its magic.

When it comes to using skin care products, you basically have two options. You can use skin care products that are sold over-the-counter, like ones that are available in drugstores. Your second option is to use medical skin care products. These products are only available by prescription. You will be able to start using these products after visiting Dr. Bull and expressing your skin concerns with him.

We highly recommend that individuals use medical skin care products when they are dealing with a skin issue that is causing them to feel bad about the way they look. If you are dealing with acne, don’t spend another penny on over-the-counter products. Instead, schedule a consultation. We will schedule a one-on-one session for you where you will be able to meet with Dr. Bull and his dedicated team. We will closely examine your skin and help you find out if a regimen such as Dr. Obagi’s ZO medical skin care line is the best solution for you. The same is true if you are dealing with other skin issues such as sun damage, fine lines and even rosacea.

Many people self-diagnose their skin issues. Then they go out and buy a product over-the-counter that they think is appropriate for their particular skin issues. However, most of these individuals are not qualified medical professionals, so their diagnosis is not always correct. This leads them to purchase a product that is not correct for their particular skin issue. However, all of these problems can be solved when a person schedules a consultation with Dr. Bull and then receives an appropriate prescription for medical skin care products.

Medical skin care products are superior to over-the-counter products because they usually contain more of the active ingredient. So if you are using something that is designed to treat acne, you are going to be purchasing a powerful product that will really work. You cannot purchase such a powerful product over-the-counter because such products need to be made gentle enough for the general public to use without any negative reaction.

If you are interested in learning more about how medical skin care products can help you, visit Dr. Bull and his experienced team at The John Bull Center for Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Medispa.  We are proud to offer a wide variety of products. Contact our office in Naperville today to schedule your appointment!

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