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Who Are Ideal Breast Lift Candidates?

Even if you know that you want to make cosmetic changes to your breasts to enhance their appearance or make them appear more proportional with your frame, you might not know which sort of breast surgery you need to accomplish your goals. Each type of cosmetic surgery has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. A common question we get from patients is “does a breast lift reduce size?” Here’s what Naperville-area patients should know if they’re thinking about having breast lift surgery.

The position of the nipple and areola in relation to the inframammary fold (or crease beneath the breast) is one aspect that our team will consider when they evaluate potential candidates for a lift. The best candidates for a breast lift include those who are physically healthy, maintain a stable weight, and don’t smoke. These patients may be unhappy because they feel like their breasts have lost their shape and volume, are asymmetrical, or are sagging. Their breasts may have a flatter, more elongated, and pendulous shape with nipples that drop below the breast crease when they aren’t supported.

These patients may also notice that their nipples point downward, their areolas may be stretched or enlarged, and one breast may fall lower than the other. Ideally, the candidate should be no longer plan on having children, since changes to the breasts during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or hormone fluctuations can “undo” the results of a lift. For this reason, this procedure is not recommended for patients who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or are below the age of 18.

Since breast lifts are primarily designed for altering the position of the breasts and will make them perkier but not smaller or larger, one of the questions patients should ask themselves is whether they are happy with the way their breasts look while wearing a bra. Even though a breast lift will make the breasts look fuller and rounder while you’re wearing a bra, the surgery on its own won’t significantly reduce or increase their size.

The best way of knowing for sure whether this procedure is what you need is to set up a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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