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Who Can Benefit from Labiaplasty in Chicago?

As a woman, you have to deal with issues that are unique to the female body. Many of your concerns will revolve around your reproductive system. There is one area where you may not have ever expected to be a problem. It’s your vagina. You may find that you are uncomfortable because of excess skin around your vagina. This excess skin can get in the way when it comes to wearing comfortable clothes or when you want to be intimate with your partner. You may have always had loose skin around your vagina that rubs against your clothing and really bothers you. If you are experiencing any of these issues, labiaplasty in Chicago could be right for you.

Understanding What Labiaplasty is All About

Labiaplasty is a type of surgery that focuses on your vagina. If you have loose, excess skin that is causing a problem for you, our plastic surgeon can surgically alter the area. It may only be a matter of removing the excess skin. It can also be tightened up and tucked in. You won’t have anything rubbing anymore and making you feel so uneasy. You won’t have to think about that sensitive part of your body anymore because the problems with your vagina have been eliminated.

How Do You Know if Labiaplasty is Right for You?

If you have always struggled with excess bulges of skin in your vaginal area, labiaplasty can make a difference for you. The same thing holds true if you have noticed changes in your body after pregnancy or as you get older. Regardless of why there is extra skin in this part of your body, our plastic surgeon in Chicago can likely help you.

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