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Why Should I Choose Juvederm Over Other Dermal Fillers?

Are you thinking of getting Juvederm® treatment in Chicago? You are in good company! Juvederm® is becoming one of the most popular anti-aging non-surgical treatments available for folded skin and wrinkles in the U.S. Why are Americans choosing this over other dermal fillers? Should you also choose Juvederm® in Chicago? Here are some of the top reasons to opt for this treatment:

1. Juvederm® has a unique manufacturing process and chemical composition that make it highly effective and extremely safe for all skin types. Other dermal fillers composed of hyaluronic acid have always caused issues for people with certain skin tones. With the superior manufacturing process used to formulate Juvederm®, it is FDA-approved as effective and safe for use by those with darker skin.

2. You’ll benefit from a speedy treatment and a fast recovery. These treatments do not require any prior skin tests before treatment. Results are instantaneous, and there is almost no downtime in most cases. Most people resume their daily activities on the same day.

3. This product is manufactured with revolutionary technology which results in the most desirable outcome. Unlike other hyaluronic acid-based formulations on the market, Juvederm® has maximum levels of concentration of the acid, which is why it gives stellar results.

4. The product is made with cutting-edge technology which makes it the future of dermal fillers. The primary and active ingredient in the Juvederm® gel is an acid abundantly found in the human body. It is not manufactured from any animal products. This treatment restores volume to the skin and its foundation while promoting hydration. Its natural availability in the human body makes it safe for use.

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