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Relax the Muscles That Cause Forehead Wrinkles and Crow’s Feet in Western Chicago and Naperville

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What Does BOTOX® Cosmetic Treat?

Years of rigorous scientific study and tests led the USFDA to approve BOTOX® for three specific cosmetic applications: horizontal forehead lines, frown lines or “11s” between the eyebrows (glabellar lines), and crow’s feet next to the eyes (lateral canthal lines). These lines are all known as “dynamic wrinkles,” which form because of your face’s repetitive muscle actions.

Basically, every time you make an expression—from raising your eyebrows to scowling to smiling—specific muscles temporarily pull the skin into a new position. When these muscles relax after you’re done making the expression, your skin settles back into its resting position. Decade after decade of this activity, however, can cause predictable creases and grooves to form. Over time, the furrows and wrinkles related to certain expressions become increasingly pronounced—and may eventually remain visible, even when the face is at rest.

Because it keeps specific muscles from contracting, BOTOX® Cosmetic is ideal for addressing these dynamic wrinkles.

How Does BOTOX® Work?

BOTOX® is a purified form of botulinum toxin, which blocks messages traveling through the nerves to key facial muscles. If these muscles don’t get the orders to contract, they stay at rest instead—though the muscles around them will continue to work as they should. This means that you will still be able to make expressions. You just won’t show off noticeable forehead lines or crow’s feet when you do.

The effects of BOTOX® are temporary, lasting three months on average. Any targeted muscles gradually regain their ability to contract. At this point, you can choose to get a new round of BOTOX® injections.

As a testament to its safety and efficacy, BOTOX® has also routinely been used by physicians for years in a number of medical applications, including reducing migraines and curbing excessive and uncontrolled sweating (a condition known as hyperhidrosis).

When administered by a specially trained and experienced medical professional in an appropriate setting, BOTOX® is a safe and reliable choice for smoothing out dynamic wrinkles.

Patients who want a rejuvenated, more youthful face should understand that while BOTOX® is ideal for dynamic wrinkles, it does not work to address static wrinkles, which develop due to volume loss and other aging-related changes. The resulting lines and creases, such as nasolabial folds next to the mouth and nose, are visible even when facial muscles are at rest. A filler or collagen-stimulating treatment is more appropriate for treating static wrinkles, because these options literally “fill in” the space below the skin to smooth out the surface.

What Is a BOTOX® Treatment Session Like in Naperville?

Dr. Bull and the other injectors at the John Bull Center use tiny needles to introduce BOTOX® into the targeted muscles. This approach, along with techniques designed to cause minimal discomfort, means the injections are generally well tolerated by a wide range of patients, and the pricking or pinching sensation associated with the injections quickly fades.

Patients worried or anxious about the thought of needles can take comfort in knowing that we use NUEVIBE™, a special device that makes getting injections a “near painless” experience. Your injector will press the NUEVIBE™ device to your skin near the treatment site, where its light vibrations create a sensation that distracts your brain from properly feeling the needle entering your skin.

Note that to reduce the risk of bruising from the injections, alcohol and blood thinners should be avoided for a couple of days before the procedure, as well as for 24 hours after.

The injection process itself takes only about 15 minutes to complete, though the exact timing depends on which areas and how many are being treated. This truly is a “lunchtime” treatment, because it can be handled so quickly. Disruption to your day is so minimal as to be essentially nonexistent.

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What BOTOX® Results Can Be Expected?

There are a few temporary side effects associated with BOTOX®—including light bruising or soreness at the injection site—but most of these are rare and resolve within a short period of time for those people who develop them. No special action is required to resolve them. Typically, after a few hours, no one will be able tell that you’ve had a treatment done.

You can return to normal activity right after your BOTOX® injections, but Dr. Bull recommends avoiding exercise and heavy lifting for the rest of the day. Also, avoid pressing on or rubbing the injection sites.

It can take three to eight days for the results of a BOTOX® injection to start to become visible, with the full effect seen within about two weeks. Expect the results to last anywhere from three to five months.

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“Dr. Bull is absolutely phenomenal. His office is immaculate, his staff is kind and talented. I refer all of personal friends seeking any kind of procedures or treatments as Dr. Bull truly offers it all (BOTOX, fillers, skincare, products, etc.) and encourage anyone considering to do the same!!! I’ve been to other offices in the area and surrounding areas and nothing compares to the quality of care I receive each and every time from the John Bull Center!”*
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What Wrinkle-Smoothing Treatments Beyond BOTOX® Are Available for Western Chicago?

Dysport®, Xeomin®, and Jeuveau® are all injectables that work the same way as BOTOX®: by relaxing targeted muscles to keep facial skin at rest. The results of all three “neuromodulators” are similar, but how soon those results appear, how long they last, and other details are unique to each injectable. The John Bull Center’s medical spa carries all three options in order to best tailor treatments to specific individuals. We want to give you the best experience—and results—possible!

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