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What Does a Breast Lift Address?

How Does a Breast Lift Work?

What Breast Lift Results Can I Expect?*

Patients will see results shortly after their breast lift procedure is complete, since removing excess skin pulls the breast higher on the chest right away. With that in mind, it can take about six to 12 weeks for the initial swelling to subside and the scars to begin to lighten. For this reason, patients should expect to see the long-term results “settle” about three months after their breast lift surgery.

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What Is the Recovery Process Like?*

Following a breast lift procedure, discomfort is usually minimal and can be controlled with pain medication prescribed by Dr. Bull. After the first few days, NSAIDS are all that is needed.

Bruising, swelling, and soreness will improve daily, and most patients are feeling well enough to return to work in five to seven days. Patients can resume more strenuous activity about four weeks after their procedure.

Numbness may occasionally occur, but this sensation usually resolves in a matter of a few weeks. Other breast lift risks and potential complications can be discussed with Dr. Bull during your consultation. Such effects are rare, but include mild asymmetry, scars that may not heal well, bleeding, infection, and long-lasting sensation changes in the nipple.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift in Western Chicago?

Breast lift left
Breast lift after

*Individual patient results may vary.

Meet Dr. John Bull, Jr. MD, FACS

Board-certified and highly accomplished plastic surgeon Dr. John Bull is not just committed to providing beautiful cosmetic surgery results in a safe and comforting environment. He also wants every patient to feel heard, understood, and confident in their choice.

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How Can I Envision My Breast Lift Results?


“I am very happy with Dr. Bull’s office and staff. Dr. Bull gave me a breast lift 7 years ago, and I am still very happy with my results. I would highly recommend Dr. Bull.”*

- Anne, Patient

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*Individual Results May Vary

What Else Can Be Done to Address Sagging Breasts?

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