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What Does a Tummy Tuck Address?

Put simply, a tummy tuck addresses a belly that has lost—or never had—a flat, toned appearance. There are three typical reasons for this: sagging skin, stubborn fat, and damage to the abdominal wall. Any or all of these can give someone a silhouette that lacks the clean lines of a firm midsection.

Sagging Skin

Skin is a living organ. It grows when we grow. If your belly starts to bulge, whether due to an increase in weight or the development of a baby throughout pregnancy, your abdominal skin stretches to cover the added volume.

Gradual weight loss gives this stretched-out skin time to slowly revert to its previous state, allowing it to sit tight against the typical abdominal contours. Rapid weight loss, however—due to the birth of a baby or surgical intervention—is more like popping a balloon. The sudden loss of volume leaves the stretched-out skin hanging loose and baggy. Even if the muscles underneath are well developed and rock hard, the cushion of lax tissue hides them.

Skin laxity is a particular problem for older women and men, since youthful skin is more likely to retract on its own. This is because age and ultraviolet radiation break down collagen and elastin in the skin, while the natural cycles that replace them slow with each passing year.

With a tummy tuck, Dr. Bull can trim away the redundant skin, from a modest amount to a significant stretch that creates what is known as an “apron.”

Stubborn Fat

Abdominal Wall Repair

The “six-pack” muscles in the belly do more than look good in photographs. In addition to providing core strength and stability, they create a wall that serves to hold back the contents of the belly behind them.

These muscles can be forced apart, typically by growing babies, but also in patients who are significantly overweight. Pushing the muscles away from each other stretches out the firm, supportive muscle covering between them—known as the “fascia”—so that the wall as a whole is no longer able to perform its barrier function. As a result, everything behind the wall can bulge forward, creating a paunch that no amount of fat reduction can fix.

For patients dealing with abdominal wall separation, Dr. Bull can repair the tissues during a tummy tuck. Suturing the muscles back into their original position restores the wall and prevents the bulge.

Which Tummy Tuck Strategy is Best for You?

How Does a Tummy Tuck Work?

What Tummy Tuck Results Can I Expect?*

A tummy tuck will not create washboard abs, but it will provide you with a flatter belly that better shows off your lean contours. Many of Dr. Bull’s tummy tuck patients in the Chicago area are pleased to learn that the results of their abdominoplasty are long lasting. Patients are advised to avoid gaining significant weight after their tummy tuck, because new excessive volume in the area can stretch out the skin anew and alter the results.

tummy tuck before
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*Individual patient results may vary.

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What Is the Tummy Tuck Recovery Process?

Patients will need to stay home from work for at least 10 days after their tummy tuck, but may need to plan for up to two weeks of rest and recuperation.Tummy tuck patients should also wait four to six weeks before resuming strenuous activities, such as sports or physically demanding work.

Though Dr. John Bull positions scars so that they can be hidden by a bikini or underwear, they will still be visible. These marks where the incisions were made will fade and flatten in three months to one year.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck in Western Chicago?

How Can I Envision My Tummy Tuck Results?

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*Individual Results May Vary

What Else Can Be Done to Address a Bulging or Sagging Belly?

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