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Smooth Wrinkles by Relaxing Key Facial Muscles in Western Chicago and Naperville

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What Do Neuromodulators Treat?

How Do Xeomin® and Jeuveau Work?

Both neuromodulators—Jeuveau and Xeomin®—use a purified form of botulinum toxin as their active ingredient. This naturally derived chemical prevents messages from properly being received by targeted muscles, so even if the brain sends a signal for them to contract, they remain still.

Other muscles, however, are still able to contract, so you can still make your full range of facial expressions. The difference after a neuromodulator session is that the specific area associated with noticeable wrinkling won’t bunch into age-revealing grooves.

Each injectable has its own unique qualities—including the time it takes before seeing the effects, as well as its overall duration—but in general, the results of Jeuveau, Xeomin®, and BOTOX® take a few days to a week to become noticeable, and they can be expected to last for several months.

What Is a Xeomin or Jeuveau Injection Session Like in Naperville?

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Xeomin or Jeuveau in Western Chicago?


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What Wrinkle-Smoothing Treatments Beyond Xeomin® and Jeuveau Are Available for Western Chicago?

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