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What Happens to Your Belly Button After a Tummy Tuck?

If you’re interested in a tummy tuck procedure, you probably already know that this surgery can help contour and flatten your stomach, as well as eliminate leftover skin from pregnancy or significant weight loss.

But do you know what happens to your belly button after a tummy tuck?

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How Your Belly Button Changes After a Tummy Tuck

In a traditional abdominoplasty, your belly button is surgically “removed” from your body. What that really means is that your belly button essentially disappears, as it loses its shape once excess skin is released and removed from the abdomen
Once the skin has been treated, the remaining skin is repositioned over the abdomen. At this point, your plastic surgeon will recreate the belly button and stitch it into place. The overall effect can help enhance the stomach’s appearance, especially in patients who have felt self-conscious about an overly large or stretched-out belly button.

Your Belly Button + a Mini Tummy Tuck

If you opt to have a mini tummy tuck procedure, your belly button will probably be left alone. This is because the mini tummy tuck only targets sagging that’s located underneath the belly button.

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How Your Belly Button Will Look After a Tummy Tuck

Your belly button will look completely natural by the time you’ve healed from your abdominoplasty (usually within three to four months). You may notice your belly button growing smaller over the course of several weeks, which is a sign that you’re properly healing. 
If you’re concerned with how your belly button might look after a tummy tuck, be sure to share your thoughts with board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. John Bull. He can work with you to ensure that your results are completely natural-looking and youthful – even your belly button!

I had a tummy tuck with liposuction done by Dr Bull. I am totally happy with my results. I am only 6 weeks post op and I have already dropped 2 sizes in my jeans. After loosing 57 lbs. I was having a hard time buying pants because of my waistline. If the waist fit, the legs were baggy and made me look heavy. My pouchy belly was just awful. So glad to see it gone forever! I feel 20 yrs younger. Dr Bull and his staff are excellant

TG, Happy Patient

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